A Warm Welcome

By Jin-yeong Yi

I created and launched this blog on Friday, December 21, 2012. I had promised myself that I would create a blog on the first day of the new year at the latest, and for various reasons decided that I would go ahead and create it during the final days of the holiday season.

Since this is the introductory post, I think an FAQ is in order:

Why does this blog exist?

I’ve wanted to create a blog for a long time, but refrained from doing so because I was a very private person who jealously guarded his thoughts. However, my desire to broadcast my cogitations into cyberspace never went away. This blog exists because I realized that if I didn’t create one soon, I might never do so. In other words, I decided that it was now or never.

What can I expect to find in this blog?

You can expect to find discussions of various subjects, including philosophy, religion, video games, movies, music, and books.

What are your beliefs?

I consider myself to be first and foremost a skeptic. Like the Greek philosopher Arcesilaus, I am not certain of anything, including the notion that I am not certain of anything. Tentatively, I am an atheist (gnostic or agnostic depending on the god[s] in question) and a nihilist. My politics are a blend of conservative and liberal ideas, though it seems that I lean more toward the right.


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