Skyship 9

By Jin-yeong Yi

With the great griffins circling overhead, the blues singer prepared for her 9th audition. The problem was that she was a hawk, but Apollo would have none of her excuses. The most conspicuous error that the nationalists made was writing the secret code of the junior doctrines that needed to be memorized by each child under three, but the satyr could not hear what the whining willows were saying in their defiance of the gecko. But as the wise eagle knew in his hour of pain, the bleached t-shirts and tired faces of the melodies playing in the background of the garden party were not to see the light of day again.

But they won’t mind, because the most important thing that the gray iceberg had ever done was to express sentiments about Thomas Paine’s latest detective novel and Proust’s last anthropological monograph.


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