Meditating on Nothingness

By Jin-yeong Yi

Guatemala sinkhole

“There is no morality, no knowledge and no hope; there is only the consciousness of ourselves which drives us about a world that… is always but a vain and fleeting appearance….”

—Joseph Conrad

“Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee.”

—Ernest Hemingway, “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”

In a universe where Murphy’s Law prevails, it’s all too easy to get disheartened and depressed, to feel that you’ve reached a dead end in life. If you happen to be caught up in the drama of existence, it may help to step back from it all and remember that there’s no “correct” way to feel about anything and that you’re not in any way obligated to feel the way you do.

Clear your mind.

If you accept the nihilist view like I do, you accept that there are only ‘is’s and no ‘ought’s, and that labels like “good” and “evil” are merely human projections onto the blank void of nothingness.

The universe is neither good nor evil. The universe just is.

Humanity is neither good nor evil. Humanity just is.

Life is neither good nor evil. Life just is.

Empty your heart.

We’re not here to serve a God. We’re not here to serve nature. We’re not here to serve each other. We’re not here to serve ourselves. We’re just–here.

There is no God but Nothingness. Nothing is sacred, nothing is holy. We were once nothing. We are responsible for nothing. We are obligated to do nothing. We deserve nothing. Our lives mean nothing. Before long, we will be nothing.

Vincent van Gogh - Wheatfield with Crows

Stare into the abyss. Contemplate its endlessness, its eternalness–and accept it. And if that doesn’t kill you, it just might make you stronger.

The world is your canvas. Paint on it what you will.

4 thoughts on “Meditating on Nothingness

  1. smilecalm says:

    wonderful; emptiness is just another way of saying interconnectedness; we’re all one pot of soup!

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  3. Out of chaos comes our every desire, embrace it!

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